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GFI Security & Messaging Software
Networking & Security, Web & Mail Security, Archiving & Fax


For Business:

GFI Endpoint Security

Access control and portable storage device security

  • Data leakage risk assessment
  • Data security and awareness
  • Access control

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GFI Events Manager

Active network monitoring and log data analysis

  • Log monitoring and management
  • IT infrastructure monitoring
  • Log data consolidation
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GFI LANguard

Network security scanner and patch management

  • Network and software auditing
  • Patch Management for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
  • Vulnerability assessment for computers, mobile and network devices
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GFI WebMonitor

Web security, Internet monitoring and access controlĀ 

  • Monitor and control all web activity
  • Manage bandwidth and internet usage
  • Secure downloads and web browsing

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GFI Archiver

Archiving for productivity, management and compliance

  • Company archive optimization
  • Secure archiving for compliance
  • Business intelligence

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GFI MailEssentials

Email security and anti-spam software (on premise)

  • Business spam filtering
  • Email security
  • Content policy enforcement

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GFI FAXmaker

Network fax server software for Exchange/SMTP/ Lotus

  • Email faxing
  • Leverages various applications
  • Business process improvement
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GFI FaxMaker Online

Simple, fast, online faxing

  • Electronic faxing
  • Direct faxing via email system
  • Multiple platform support

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For Service Providers:

GFI MAX MailArchive

Hosted email archive services for IT support companies and MSPs
GFI MAX MailArchiveā„¢ is the easy and affordable hosted email archive solution developed specifically for IT support companies and MSPs.

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GFI MAX MailArchive

Hosted email security and continuity
GFI MAX MailProtection is a hosted email security and continuity solution that is compatible with any email system and can be implemented in just minutes.

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