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New GFI Software solutions help sysadmins to protect companies from the constantly rising number of cyber attacks
Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 03:19:56 PM


GFI OneGuard is a new network security and management platform, while GFI OneConnect brings advanced email protection, continuity and archiving. These two new solutions enable IT administrators to successfully defend business networks from complex cyber-attacks that can come as often as every 40 seconds.

Austin (TX), USA, March 7, 2017 – Today GFI Software launched GFI OneGuard and GFI OneConnect, two powerful platforms aimed at bringing enterprise-class IT management features to small and medium-sized businesses all around the world. GFI OneGuard enables IT administrators to easily manage, secure and monitor networks of any size, while GFI OneConnect brings enhanced email security, continuity and archiving to companies in the SMB segment.

“In these platform products, we are combining two decades of experience in creating network and email management solutions with the latest security technologies, as key weapons in the constant fight against cyber-threats,” explains Andre Muscat, Senior VP and Chief Product Officer at GFI Software. Andre adds: “Research done by our partner Kaspersky Lab* shows that the number of ransomware attacks on businesses has increased by 300% in first ten months of 2016, and that they are now being attacked as often as every 40 seconds. With our two new products, sysadmins can efficiently fight the main cybersecurity threats of today – software vulnerabilities, viruses, malware and spam.”

As a platform, GFI OneGuard incorporates several key components: vulnerability detection, patch management and asset tracking, driven by the award-winning technology from GFI LanGuard, and antivirus endpoint protection, powered by the highly-acclaimed Kaspersky Lab engine. By combining all these features, GFI OneGuard enables IT administrators to centralize and automate processes, prevent security incidents, and protect their networks. It also enables simpler hardware, software and network inventory management, facilitating legal compliance and modern IT infrastructure concepts, such as Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD).

GFI OneGuard Dashboard View

GFI OneConnect addresses three critical business functions: email protection, continuity and compliance. Its two antivirus engines and the latest spam-detection technologies stop over 99% of spam and protect employee inboxes and IT infrastructure from all types of malware. In the case of a failure of the on-premises Microsoft Exchange server, GFI OneConnect takes over and continues to send and receive emails until the service is restored, providing email and business continuity. Also, it handles archiving of all emails, delivering powerful search capabilities for simpler handling of eDiscovery requests.

GFI OneConnect Dashboard View

Both these new GFI products can be downloaded as free and fully-functional 30-day trials, and are available for purchase through a wide global network of GFI’s distributors and resellers, with competitive pricing starting from 15 EUR for an annual license plan for GFI OneGuard Plus Edition, and 12 EUR for GFI OneConnect Plus Edition.

To find more information on these two new GFI Software platforms and download free trial versions, please visit and

* Data points taken from the Kaspersky Lab’s annual Kaspersky Security Bulletin for 2016

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