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GFI Software Unveils GFI Archiver 2015
Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 02:57:48 PM


GFI Archiver lets organizations manage all email, calendar and file histories through one central archiving solution

November 25, 2014 - Durham, N.C.

GFI Software today announced the availability of GFI Archiver 2015. Based on the award-winning functionality of GFI MailArchiver, GFI Archiver allows organizations to effectively manage all of their file, email and calendar histories through a central archiving tool, simplifying access and backup processes while reducing the risk of data loss and compliance breaches due to failure to retain key information.

GFI Archiver 2015 eliminates the need for employees to rely on cloud-based services for document storage, providing IT administrators with completely transparent oversight of the email and archive habits of their users as well as giving visibility into the potential risks their day-to-day activity may create. The solution helps organizations in regulated industries stay compliant in the case of an audit. GFI Archiver not only stores items, but also indexes and de-duplicates them - including attachments. This allows the powerful search engine to easily locate and retrieve archived emails, faxes/SMS, files and calendar items including meeting requests.

GFI Archiver supports popular hosted productivity suites like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. It also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and extends complete functionality through the Outlook interface. Companies that do not have MS Active Directory may still use GFI Archiver with GFI Directory - an industry-standard secure password store that facilitates easy log-in and authentication for users.

With on-premise storage and maintenance costs growing, GFI Archiver's intelligent file history retention enables administrators to establish rules and gain better control over the archiving of files, especially those with multiple versions, allowing for more effective management of costly storage space. Storage maintenance is made even easier, as administrators can now manage their databases more effectively, even exporting information to new databases or splitting archived stores into smaller ones. This ensures that a company's storage environment is optimized and not causing performance bottlenecks or impeding the delivery of services to end-users.

"Archiving today is no longer limited to just email. Those in regulated industries not only have to keep most everything, they must be able to locate and retrieve that information quickly in the case of an audit or legal request," said Sergio Galindo, general manager for GFI Software. "This places unnecessary strain on the storage environment, which can negatively impact infrastructure performance and the delivery of mission-critical applications. GFI Archiver 2015's powerful features allow IT administrators to spend less time managing their storage environment as well as maintaining compliant email and file retention practices."

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